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Can I Still Apply?

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, and health and safety concerns, all 2020 Summer programs have been cancelled except for Haifa, Israel that is offering courses in an online fomat. Our 2020 Fall programs are scheduled to run as planned; however, we are offering several 90-day Programs which will allow you to study abroad without a visa.

In lieu of traveling abroad this summer, you can study a variety of different topics in multiple global locations or work with an international company abroad through an internship option in our Online Global Perspectives Program.

2020 Summer Programs

Online Global Perspectives: Online Courses & Virtual Internship

Our new online Global Perspectives Program offers you the option to gain international perspective and develop intercultural experience through online courses and virtual internships offered by select USAC Specialty Programs.

Note: If you complete a Global Perspectives Program during Summer 2020, you are eligible for a $500 program fee credit towards a future semester Specialty Program abroad or $300 program fee credit towards a future summer Specialty Program abroad.

Online Courses are taught internationally by USAC faculty located across 14 different Specialty Program locations and are available in some of our most popular courses in business, communication, health, nutrition, language, literature, the arts, international studies, and culture.

Online courses start June 15. See the full list of Summer 2020 offerings here.

Gain valuable career experience working remotely for an internationally-based company through a virtual internship in popular industries such as digital marketing, business, event planning, media, English language instruction, translation, and more.

Virtual Internships start between June 1 and August 7. The exact dates and work schedule will be determined by each internship supervisor. See a current list of Summer 2020 internships here.

2020 Fall Programs

Specialty Program Updates

Due to the current travel restrictions, COVID-19 impacts, and upcoming visa application deadlines, we are offering shortened programs. Deepen your foreign language skills, immerse yourself in a new culture, and create memories that will last your lifetime in three months.

These programs will run from mid-to-late September to mid-December and include group activities such as field trips and excursions in your program city. Find program details to learn more about housing, fees, and available courses by exploring these programs on our website.

90 Day Programs will have an application deadline of July 15 with late applications accepted when possible.

2020 Fall 90 Day Programs Details

Country Program Start Date Fees*
Brazil Florianópolis Sept. 17, 2020 $5,980
Chile Santiago Sept. 21, 2020 $6,480
China Chengdu Sept. 19, 2020 $5,480
Shanghai Sept. 19, 2020 $5,980
Costa Rica Heredia Sept. 17, 2020 $6,980
Puntarenas Sept. 19, 2020 $6,980
San Ramón Sept. 19, 2020 $6,980
Czech Republic Prague Sept. 20, 2020 $9,380
France Lyon Sept. 21, 2020 $8,080
Pau Sept. 21, 2020 $7,080
Germany Lüneburg Sept. 17, 2020 $7,080
Italy Reggio Emilia Sept. 20, 2020 $7,480
Verona Sept. 20, 2020 $8,980
Viterbo Sept. 14, 2020 $7,480
Torino Sept. 14, 2020 $8,980
Poland Kraków Sept. 18, 2020 $6,080
Spain Alicante Sept. 20, 2020 $8,980
Bilbao/Getxo Sept. 20, 2020 $8,780
Madrid Sept. 21, 2020 $8,780
San Sebastián Sept. 20, 2020 $8,980
Valencia Sept. 21, 2020 $8,980
Thailand Chiang Mai Sept. 17, 2020 $6,580

* Airfare, housing, and meals are not included in most program fees. Please see the specific programs' fees and budget sheets for more details.

2020-21 Yearlong Options

See below for our available yearlong options. Please contact the program's advisor for additional details.

Nadeen Black

Nadeen Black

Program Advisor: Uruguay

Belen Figueroa

Belen Figueroa

Program Advisor: China and Thailand

Ronald Hemphill

Ronald Hemphill

Program Advisor: Costa Rica

Lorna McPalmer

Lorna McPalmer

Program Advisor: Germany

Partnership Program Updates

Online Format

      • Australia: Gold Coast (Trimester 2) has moved to an online format
      • New Zealand: Auckland/Palmerston North/Wellington (Semester 2) has moved to an online format

Delayed Start

The programs below have delayed the start of their programs. The new calendar dates are now reflected on each program's calendar page.

      • England: London (Fall/Yearlong)
      • Ireland: Cork (Fall/Yearlong)


The program(s) below have been cancelled by our partners for the fall semester and are scheduled to resume operations in the Spring 2021 semester.

      • Australia: Melbourne at Deakin University
      • Japan: Nishinomiya at Kwansei Gakwin University
      • Netherlands: The Hague at The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Last updated: 22 May 2020