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Will you meet new people to call friends, learn new skills to spice up your resume, and see the world through different eyes if you study abroad? Yes! Let's talk about it!

Subscribe to THE Study Abroad Pod to learn all the tips for having one of the greatest life-changing and cross-cultural adventures of your life. University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) is a nonprofit that hopes to make an international education accessible to all students. Listen for advice from our U.S. and international staff about choosing the right program, classes, and excursions for you!

S students pictured above text that reads "The Study Abroad Pod: Building confidence, community & an appetite""

Building confidence, community & and appetite

It helps to be a part of a deep-rooted Italian community if you’re looking to be taught how to cook pasta the “right” way. University of Nevada Las Vegas graduate Ryder Hankins will walk us through the lasting impact of making good food and finding a friendly community as a queer person during his time in both the USAC Viterbo and USAC Torino programs.

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Five students pictured above text that reads "The Study Abroad Pod, Exploring with Alumni: France, Japan, Korea & UK"

Exploring with Alumni: France, Japan, Korea & UK

From London bathrooms to Korean Fried Chicken, University of Nevada, Reno students and alumni Angelica, Dominic, Kaycee, and Olivia share their advice and most valuable study abroad experiences in England, Japan, France and Korea.