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Money Matters

Many students ask, “Can I afford to study abroad?” and the answer is, yes!

Depending on where and when you choose to study abroad, you may find the cost comparable or even more affordable than staying at your home university.

As a nonprofit, USAC’s goal is for students to gain international experience affordably. That’s why historically, in addition to maintaining reasonable program fees, we have provided more than $2 million in scholarships, grants, and discounts (and have a scholarship for every program!) and offer assistance when it comes to applying financial aid to your program costs.

Planning Ahead

By planning, you can start to seek funding early and create a study abroad budget that meets your needs. A good resource to help you get started is the online interactive budget sheet, which can be found in the fees section of each USAC program. Be willing to consider various locations in order to find one that is both academically and financially within reach.

Your travel plans and lifestyle will largely influence the amount of money you will need. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the exchange rate to better gauge the value of items. It is a good idea to budget more than you think is necessary in case an emergency or new opportunity arises.