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Health and Safety

A Message from USAC’s CEO

Student health, wellness, and safety will always be USAC’s top priority, and we understand that the decision to study abroad is not made lightly.

I’d like to reassure you that our Health and Safety Team and global staff are highly skilled and experienced in preparing students for and handling health- and wellness-related concerns while studying abroad. It is important to emphasize that our staff are not medical professionals, but they do receive training related to mental health response, first aid, and wellness, and have an extensive network of local support which they assist students to access. We have safety protocols and emergency response procedures in place that include access to a wide network of resources: CISI comprehensive USAC-provided insurance, local medical facilities and services, full-time on-site support, to name a few. We continue to monitor the worldwide health situation at our 50+ program sites and rely on trusted sources for updated information from the CDC, WHO, U.S. State Department, on-site staff and health authorities, among others.

For over 40 years, USAC has welcomed students, staff, colleges and universities as part of the family – and we will continue to do so. We are a dedicated staff around the world always striving to ensure students are well taken care of. When you choose to proceed with your study abroad plans, please know that you have a village (actually, a whole world) of people that will ensure you’re ready and able to successfully experience your study abroad dream.


Dr. Alyssa Nota

Alyssa Nota, Ph.D.
USAC President & CEO

USAC Health & Safety Support

For questions regarding forms, prescriptions, traveling with medications, or establishing an overseas health care provider prior to departure:

For health and safety questions while overseas:

USAC Health and Safety Team

The following staff are your primary resource for questions regarding your health, safety, and security on USAC programs.

Elizabeth Rice

Elizabeth Rice

Senior Health and Safety Manager

Dr. Christine Sieben

Christine Sieben, Ph.D.

Health and Safety Manager & Support Officer

Victoria West

Victoria West

Health and Safety Assistant