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About USAC

Group of students in front of the Balme Library in Accra

Who We Are

USAC is an award-winning international education provider. Since 1982, USAC has provided affordable, valuable study abroad programs that enable you to enhance your academics while providing opportunities and lessons that build interpersonal, time-management, problem-solving, and adaptability skills that will aid in your career development.

Group of USAC students.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

USAC is committed to providing access to affordable, academically rigorous, and enriching cross-cultural learning abroad for all students to succeed in today’s global society. We celebrate diversity and value its impact on the study abroad experience of our students. We strive to increase access, inclusion, equity, and support for underrepresented student populations.

Two students conversing at Charles University in the Czech Republic.

Partnering With Us

Find out how you can partner with the USAC team. Whether you’re a study abroad staff member, a university faculty, or someone else interested in partnering with us, we look forward to hearing from you.

View of students from above, sitting at tables studying.

Multimedia Library

Peruse our international cookbook for your next family dinner, learn more about USAC and studying abroad in our podcast, or add a little color to your cell phone or accolade to your online portfolio or resume with downloadable background images and badges.

View of students from above, sitting at tables studying.

Gifts for Student Travelers

Choose from a variety of apparel and gift options made for world travelers. All proceeds help fund scholarships for University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) students.