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Study Abroad | Where do I start?

Imagine yourself hiking through the Pyrenees mountains in France, learning how to cook local cuisine in Latin America or speaking with Fortune 500 companies in Asia. When you close your eyes and envision your study abroad experience, what do you see? It’s time to make those visions come to life.

USAC programs are designed to offer a fully immersive experience. We want you to see the world in a way that you can’t when you travel as a tourist. Become friends with the locals, discover new cultures, learn a new language, and find a second home all while completing credits towards your degree at one of our 50 programs across 27 countries. And if you don’t have the time to physically go abroad, we’ll bring an international education right to your home through virtual courses and internships.

Every journey has to start somewhere, and your study abroad journey starts here. Learn about paying for your study abroad, the variety of opportunities that are available through USAC, and discover your ideal program location that meets your academic and personal needs. Let’s turn those dreams into reality.

Funding Your Study Abroad

We know that paying for study abroad is a major contributing factor to where and when you’ll go, and even if you can study abroad at all. Through affordable programs, scholarships, and staff support we’re here to help you discover the dozens of available funding opportunities, tips, and advice for costs of living abroad.

Financial Aid Options

Your Gateway to the World

Whether you envision yourself walking cobblestone streets where no one speaks English or passing Buckingham Palace every day, USAC offers programs in every region of the world. We combine our unique locations with academics that fit nearly any area of study. Explore more than 50 programs worldwide to learn what each program offers you, including courses, budget sheets, field trips and tours, integrated living, language partners, internships, volunteering, and service-learning.

Find Your Program

Enhance Your Resume

International internships turn you into a global job candidate. Whether you’re looking to add an internship to your in-person study abroad experience or want to participate in a virtual internship with an international company, USAC’s internship opportunities will provide you with the professional experience you need to set yourself apart from your peers.

Internship Opportunities

THE Study Abroad Pod

From student experiences and funny cultural stories to conversations with international staff and USAC alumni, THE Study Abroad Pod Podcast will get you excited for your study abroad journey. Listen along as we talk everything study abroad and help you with budgeting, preparing, and planning your international education experience.

Listen Today

Flexible Program Models

USAC offers two different program models, Specialty and Partnership programs. Key model differences include pricing, type of transcript awarded, the type of support on-site, the level of student independence, etc. While each models offer a variety of courses in English, immersion opportunities, access to the host university clubs and activities, language courses, housing support and assistance and more, you’ll want to discover which program model will work best for you.

Explore Program Models

Equity and Inclusion Abroad

USAC celebrates diversity and values its impact on the study abroad experience of our students. We strive to increase access, inclusion, equity, and support for underrepresented student populations. Discover resources on the Equity and Inclusion page to help you prepare for your unique journey abroad.

Explore Equity and Inclusion Resources