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Who We Are

For 40 years, USAC has inspired more than 60,000 students to travel abroad, building their cross-cultural empathy and encouraging them to fearlessly explore not only who they are, but their place in a global society. Join us as we look forward to the next 40 years.

With more than 50 programs throughout the world, and variety of in-person or virtual offerings to choose from, thousands of students participate each year in an international education experience with USAC to develop the skills and know-how to succeed in a global society.

USAC is an award-winning international education provider. Since 1982, USAC has provided affordable, valuable study abroad programs that enable you to enhance your academics while providing opportunities and lessons that build interpersonal, time-management, problem-solving, and adaptability skills that will aid in your career development.

In recent years, USAC has evolved and adapted into new, exciting areas of international education. Through flexible program offerings, new locations, virtual offerings, and improved internship opportunities, you can gain a global perspective while setting yourself apart from your peers and setting yourself up for future success.

Outcomes of Study Abroad

The benefits of study abroad are multifaceted and extend far beyond the classroom. Living in another country and learning a new culture not only provides the competitive edge that today’s employers are looking for, but also offers a life-changing experience.

  • Distinguish yourself for future jobs:Gain real-world international experience through internships, connect with professionals, and make yourself more marketable to future employers.
  • Enrich your education: Learn inside and outside the classroom using the local culture to enhance your education.
  • Gain new perspective: Experience life beyond your borders; live with and learn from people of different values, beliefs, and celebrations than your own.
  • Explore courses not offered at your home university: Courses like Peoples of the Amazon, From Saints to Selfies: Documentary Photography, Multicultural Education Issues, and Buddhism Studies, to name a few, choose from unique courses you can’t access at home.
  • Improve your adaptability: Prove your ability to work with different people, your willingness to communicate across cultural or language barriers, your sense of problem-solving.
  • Develop confidence: Become more independent, empower yourself to take on and conquer new challenges, and increase your faith in your own abilities.

Our Commitment to You

Our goal is for your USAC experience to be rewarding and to expand your knowledge of another culture so you can grow into an engaged citizen of the world. We offer Specialty Programs, facilitated by our overseas staff, and Partnership Programs, hosted with overseas universities, providing an opportunity for every type of student. We also offer in-person and virtual internships and a variety of volunteer opportunities through most of our programs.

When you join USAC, you receive our commitment to:

  • Affordable international opportunities: As a non-profit, university-based organization, we are committed to maintaining modest fees while providing scholarships and access to other means of financing your experience.
  • Well-rounded, academically sound, and credible programs: USAC programs offer a wide array of informal and formal opportunities to enrich your time abroad and immerse yourself in your host culture, integrating with the local and global community.
  • 24/7 health and safety support: The health, wellness, and safety of students has always been our top priority. In response to COVID-19, we’ve enhanced or existing safety protocols and emergency response procedures. Every student who studies abroad has access to our highly trained health and safety team and global staff members.
  • Outstanding on-site staff and support: USAC programs are stable and well-established, benefiting from the longevity, experience, passion, and wisdom of many of our staff.

Your opportunity to enhance your future prospects and have this life-changing experience is here now!

Find out more about USAC's authentic study abroad programs and explore our interactive map for in-depth details on our study abroad locations.