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COVID-19 Updates & Student Resources

COVID-19 Vaccinations & USAC Programs

Since health and safety is our highest priority, USAC requires all students enrolled in our on-site, in-person programs to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Proof of vaccination deadlines

  • Summer terms: April 1, 2023
  • Fall and Yearlong terms: June 1, 2023

We strongly recommend booster shots for anyone who is eligible prior to departing for your study abroad program. Some USAC program countries require booster shots to obtain local vaccine passes and to avoid entry restrictions. The CDC has recently increased eligibility for COVID-19 boosters and they are widely available in the U.S. Please see details of the new guidance at CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots.

COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement FAQs

What vaccination documentation will be requested?   

Students will submit their vaccination information using the Covid Vaccination Information Form located in the Health & Safety section of their Gateway account. The deadline to submit proof of vaccination for summer terms is April 1, 2023. The deadline to submit proof of vaccination for the fall semester is June 1, 2023.

Please submit your vaccination information form as soon as possible after applying.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, or do not have access to a U.S.-approved vaccine, please contact us at

To complete the vaccination process in time, we strongly recommend students get their first dose (if receiving a two-dose vaccine) as soon as possible.

Following are some options for finding a vaccine provider:

  • Your university’s student health center
  • Your local county health department
  • Federal pharmacy partners
  • Your personal physician
  • Call (800) 232-0233
  • Text your zip code to 438829 for nearby locations

Will booster shots be required?   

While USAC highly recommends eligible students receive their booster shot when they are available, it is not a requirement for enrollment at this time unless required by the program host country. USAC will inform students if the host country requires a booster shot. We will continue to monitor the CDC's guidance on booster shots as it is available, and provide updates to our policy as necessary. If students do receive a booster shot, they should send an updated picture of their official CDC COVID-19 vaccination card to

Are any exemptions allowed? 

Students requesting exemption due to documented medical or religious reasons should contact us at for the Request for Vaccination Exemption form.

Each request for exemption will be reviewed by USAC’s Health and Safety team. When a host country, location, or host university requires vaccination (with no exemptions), USAC may not be able to extend an exemption.

  • For medical exemption requests: We will require a letter from a treating physician stating that it is medically not advised for the student to be vaccinated. Please note: Past COVID-19 infection is not a medical condition that would justify exemption from vaccination.
  • For religious exemption requests: We will require a written statement explaining how vaccination violates your sincerely held religious beliefs. USAC reserves the right to ask for additional documentation.

Please be prepared for possible exclusion from certain program activities, access to places of business, and additional on-site expenses due to non-vaccinated status, for example, required testing.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have questions or would like more information regarding this new requirement, please email

 To complete the vaccination process in time, we strongly recommend students get their first dose (if receiving a two-dose vaccine) as soon as possible. 

Preparing to Study Abroad

USAC has made enhancements to our study abroad programs to accommodate studying abroad in a COVID-19 world. Plans for all programs are proceeding and efforts are being made to ensure that students will be able to enjoy safe and meaningful experiences while abroad. While safety and health have always been a top priority for USAC, we are increasing our efforts and measures due to the current global situation.

You can email us at with your pre-departure study abroad and health questions.

Some specific, new measures include:

  • A pre-departure health and safety webinar that will focus on COVID-19 prevention measures.
  • Training for program site staff to ensure that the latest CDC, WHO, and local guidelines are followed.
  • Comprehensive on-site orientation that focuses on USAC and host country guidelines and restrictions for each program site, program activities, type of housing, and host university.
  • Encouraging students to limit independent travel and focus on exploring areas in and around program locations.
  • Strict adherence to disinfection and cleaning recommendations in USAC common areas and program housing.
  • Strict adherence to local guidelines regarding social distancing and face coverings in classrooms and during all USAC activities.
  • Trip delay insurance that offers reimbursement of additional accommodation and meal costs to students who must quarantine due to a positive COVID-19 test when returning to the U.S. at the end of the program.
  • Revised contingency plans in case of a resurgence of COVID-19 at any program location.
  • For Specialty Programs, ability to seamlessly move to online courses for all or part of the semester.
  • Site-specific COVID-19 guidelines that provide details regarding housing, academics, travel, and managing COVID-19 symptoms and illness.
  • All USAC programs will require COVID-19 vaccinations.

COVID-19 Resources for Students and Parents

You can find the most current U.S. and global COVID-19 updates and travel advisories here:

If you need to contact the Health and Safety team for any reason, please email