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The USAC Brand

Our Brand Identity

USAC’s brand is authentic and fun. Our materials and promotions are student-forward using exciting colors and images.

USAC’s tone of voice is uplifting, inspiring, and empowering — always considering the audience and platform. It highlights expressive stories that are relevant and unifying.

When creating USAC materials or posting on social media on behalf of USAC, use the following brand guidelines.

USAC logoLogos

The wordmark is the official logo of the USAC brand. View logo variations and usage guidelines.

Alphabet in varying colorsContent Style Guide

A reference for writing about USAC, including frequently encountered words, phrases, topics, and USAC-specific terms.

Blue and purple color splashColor Palette

USAC’s brand colors are a variety of shades of blue, purple, and gray, as well as a blue/purple gradient and a splash image.

USAC displayed in various fontsTypography

View official typefaces to use on USAC materials.

Student taking photo with flowers behind them.Photo and Video

USAC takes a student-focused approach and our photography and videography should reflect this as well. Find guidelines and examples of the quality USAC strives for.

Social media iconsSocial Media

Find guidelines, policies, and tips for using social media both professionally and personally.

Table with USAC print materials on it at a Study Abroad fair.Print Formatting

Learn about specific placement and formatting for USAC print materials, including fliers, brochures, handouts, and posters.

Screenshot of USAC Data Management system.Web Formatting

Find guidelines for creating and maintaining content on the USAC website.

Email icon imageEmail Signatures

Find information about the automated USAC email signatures.

Marketing and Website Requests

From email and social media promotions, to printed materials, web updates, or USAC-branded SWAG, our team is here to help with your marketing needs. Complete the form in the link below to get started.

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