Montevideo, Uruguay
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About Montevideo, Uruguay

  • Population: 1.3 million
  • Distance from Buenos Aires: 174

Known as "The Switzerland of South America” for its peaceful culture, Uruguay is nestled between South America’s two titans, Argentina and Brazil. The capital, Montevideo, is quickly becoming a travel destination for its thriving cultural scene including rich architecture, sandy beaches, plazas, shops, museums, and restaurants. Known as one of the “coolest” and “most chilled-out” cities, Montevideo reflects the casual attitude that Uruguayans take towards life. Its location makes it convenient to travel to nearby regions such as Buenos Aires and Brazil, and provides a variety of opportunities for day trips around the country.

Montevideo has a humid subtropical climate with cool winters and warm summers. The city contains an extensive bus service that covers a majority of the city. The Uruguayan culture is based around cuisine, and the center for traditional Uruguayan cuisine is the Mercado del Puerto. The city has been going through an economic boom, so there is plenty of entertainment, culture, and food to fill a semester or yearlong term of study abroad. Montevideo is the retail capital of Uruguay and contains multiple shopping malls. If the ocean is your thing, then you'll feel right at home with the nine beaches that stretch along Montevideo's coast.

When you study abroad and live in Montevideo you will experience this emerging hidden gem firsthand and have a unique opportunity to study and explore the Spanish, Italian, and African cultural influences throughout Uruguay.