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Activities for the Montevideo Study Abroad Program

Many course-related field trips and activities are organized throughout the semester to enhance your learning. We believe that not all classrooms have four walls, that is why to improve your learning the exploration and interaction with the city and beyond is essential.

Some of the field trips/activities within the classes are:Dressed up for a festival

  • Museums (Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales
  • Museo del Futbol)
  • Guided visit to iconic places in the city (Palacio Salvo, Teatro Solis)
  • Participate in festivals (Fiesta del Ternero, Minas y Abril), expositions and ferias (Expo Prado, Feria Tristan Narvaja)
  • Visit local business (Sinergia Cowork, Pocitos feria), farms (Huerta Parque Rivera, Verdeagua Hidroponia) and social-environmental projects (Mercado Modelo, Redalco)
  • You can volunteer in several projects such as education, social service and urban farming

There will also be extracurricular activities including the buddy program (Programa Padrinos) with local students. The goal of this program is to help international students settle in the city and the culture by pairing local students with international students.

USAC Montevideo offers a free, weekly activities schedule to enhance your experience. Some activities include:Soccer team

  • Soccer
  • Cinema day with local students
  • Photography and museums workshops
  • Beach volleyball
  • Carnival show
  • Guided city tours
  • Palacio Legislativo visit
  • Art expo openings
  • Social events

Cultural Immersion Opportunities

Montevideo is a vibrant city, full of events, and USAC Montevideo will provide weekly city event recommendations.

  • Participate in an internship or volunteer coordinated by USAC Montevideo
  • Join Programa Padrinos and discover Montevideo with an ORT University student
  • Assist the local instructor during photography or museum workshops and field trips
  • Explore unique places within the city outside of the traditional touristy circuits
  • Get involved in weekly activities including sports, theater, guided tours and music
  • Register in ORT University sport teams and compete in the University Uruguayan League
  • Participate in Montevideo festivals and cultural activities, many of them with no cost
  • Find gyms, yoga studios and fitness centers near your house or the school
  • Visit the feria (market) close to your house and practice your Spanish skills

Quick Details

2023-24 Application Cycle

  • Fall/Yearlong 2023-24: Contact USAC
  • January 2024 Buenos Aires & Montevideo: Open
    • Deadline: October 1
  • Spring 2024: Open
    • Deadline: October 15
  • Summer 2023: Deadline has passed
  • Summer Comparative Studies: Deadline has passed


Preferred Minimum GPA: 2.5

Program Type



US Credit

Program Capacity

50 students



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