Montevideo, Uruguay

Field Trips for Uruguay/Argentina Studies Program

You are encouraged to participate in the included program field trips. These excursions generally take place on Fridays. Dates and locations may change at the discretion of the Resident Director.

Piriapolis and Punta del Este

Piriapolis is the country’s earliest beach resort. Walk along the waterfront promenade and take the chairlift to Cerro San Antonio, a hill with a small whitewashed chapel and lookout point. Visit the Castillo de Piria, house of the founder, and discover the local flora and fauna at the nature reserve. From the oldest resort to the most glamorous, Punta del Este boasts many beaches, elegant seaside homes, and celebrity sightings.

Sierra de Minas

The city of Minas is located between the hills of Minas and Carapé. The area is characterized by a landscape of rolling hills and rich flora and fauna; creating an idyllic environment for physical and spiritual enjoyment. Visit Salto del Penitente for trekking and horseback riding, as well as Villa Serrana, an eco-community, to discover the main welath of the area through local farm production.