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About the Montevideo, Uruguay Study Abroad Program

The Montevideo program is a USAC Specialty Program. Learn more about on-site program elements and the city itself below.

About Montevideo

Mercado in Montevideo, Uruguay.Torre de las Comunicaciones in Montevideo, Uruguay.

  • Distance from Buenos Aires: 128 miles

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay, the southern most capital in South America and the biggest city in country. The city combines a lively and relaxed (tranquilo) lifestyle and is quickly becoming a travel destination due to its thriving cultural scene including rich architecture, sandy beaches, plazas, shops, museums, and restaurants. Known as one of the “coolest” and “most chilled-out” cities, Montevideo reflects the casual attitude that Uruguayans take toward life. It has a humid subtropical climate with cool winters and warm summers.

La Rambla (waterfront promenade), offers more than 19 miles of coastline, is the main distinction of Montevideo and is a meeting point for everyone in the city. Uruguayans frequently go there to drink ‘mate’ (a regional tea), read, rest and enjoy the sunset. They also bike, run, take long walks and play beach sports. In addition, Montevideo is a green city, with a vast number of green spaces, parks and gardens that allow you to connect to the nature while enjoy the life of a city.

The city contains an extensive bus service that covers the majority of the city and has been going through an economic boom, so there is plenty of entertainment, culture, and food to be found. Its location makes it convenient to travel to nearby regions such as Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Brazil, and provides a variety of opportunities for day trips around the country.

Uruguay has a unique places to discover such as Cabo Polonio beach town, Thermal Parks of Salto, Natural Reserve of Pan de Azúcar and Punta del Este beach resort city. Montevideo is connected by bus to all cities in Uruguay as well as Argentina, Brazil, and other countries in South America.