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Comparative Studies: Uruguay and Cuba Summer Session

Study abroad for eight weeks, beginning in Montevideo, Uruguay and continuing to La Habana, Cuba, for a comparative Latin American studies program ideal for any student and of particular interest to health, gender and Spanish language students.

Experience Uruguay's vibrant, progressive and thriving culture and contrast it with Cuba's political and historical complexities, evolution and stunning natural beauty.

  • Take immersive studies focused on business, language, or health during the five-week Montevideo program.
  • Participate in intriguing courses on gender and culture, healthcare, or government during the three-week La Habana program.
  • Learn the dances of both cultures, savor the flavors of the different regions and enhance your Spanish language skills through various course offerings.
  • Rely on our seasoned Uruguay and Cuba Resident Director, Sebastián Bombi, who will be your daily guide and local resource in both Montevideo and La Habana. Sebastián will also accompany students on the group flight between locations.

Some additional key features the programs offer include:

  • Explore the Spanish, Italian, and African influences of the Rio de la Plata region of Uruguay, visit Sierra de Minas and the Palacio Legislativo, and travel to Punta Este, Uruguay on the Optional Tour.
  • In Cuba, surround yourself with stunning natural beauty, Caribbean flair and old-world Cuban architecture.

Program Cost

$8,410* includes homestays in both locations and a $800 combination program discount.

*Program fees, prior to the applied discount, are $4,280 for the Montevideo session and $4,180 (plus $750 for housing) for the La Habana session, and are paid separately.


Earn 6 to 11 semester credits over the two summer sessions.

Montevideo Summer Session Overview

Students in downtown Montevideo, Uruguay.Students will have the option of taking one or two courses (3-7 credits) in areas of studies such as entrepreneurship, health, Latin American studies, and Spanish language. Students have the option to live in apartments or to practice their Spanish and get fully immersed in the culture by living in a homestay. With Sebastián, you can go on the optional overnight tour to Punta del Este or attend the field trip to Palacio Legislativo the site where the Uruguayan parliament meets.

Sample courses for Montevideo

  • Social Dimensions of Health and Environment
  • Government and Politics in Latin America
  • Latin American Women's Voices
  • LGBTQ+ Community in a Latin American Context
  • Start Ups and Entrepreneurship
  • International Marketing
  • Intermediate Spanish, Spanish Composition, Spanish Conversation, and Business Spanish
  • 1-credit cultural enrichment courses in Dances of Latin America and Latin American Cuisine
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La Habana Summer Session Overview

Students will take 3-4 credits in Latin American politics, gender studies, Cuban culture, health, or Spanish and will live in apartments during their stay. Field trips to Terrazas Eco Community, Santa Maria del Mar Beach, and Revolution Square are also planned with Sebastián.

Sample courses for La Habana

Student enjoying a pineapple drink in La Habana, Cuba.

  • Peoples and Cultures of Cuba and the Caribbean,
  • The Cuban Health Care System,
  • Latin American Social Revolutions
  • Contemporary Women's Activism
  • Spanish Conversation
  • 1-credit cultural enrichment courses in Cuban Cuisine and Dances of Havana and the Caribbean
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On-Site Staff Resident Director for Uruguay and La Habana Programs

Sebastián Bombi, a native of Uruguay, is the Resident Director for the Montevideo and La Habana programs. He has worked for USAC since 2003, first as program staff in Costa Rica and now as the RD of the Cuba summer program and Uruguay semester program. The RD, with program assistant Orlando Santana, meets the group flight at the airport, provides an on-site orientation, arranges your program housing, and organizes interesting field studies and optional tours.

Meet the Resident Director