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Activities for San Sebastián, Spain

Extracurricular activities include guest speakers, volunteer projects, social activities, informal get-togethers, and conversation partners. You can hike, bike, surf, and kayak within the city itself and in the nearby area. Group excursions to experience traditional Basque sports, music, and cuisine are often planned and announced throughout the semester. Students explore medieval towns, help with Surfrider beach clean-up projects, volunteer and work in local schools, and take elective classes with local university students. Informal get-togethers, literary contests, and other projects often develop organically each semester out of the course themes, internship projects, and other interests of each group of students.

Cultural Immersion Opportunities

  • Take elective courses with local Spanish students
  • Attend local surfing school—Surf’s up!
  • Practice Spanish with your Intercambio (language exchange partner)
  • Participate in sports—on and off campus
  • Take field trips, go hiking and skiing with Spanish students
  • Attend fiestas and celebrations throughout the year
  • Earn money (up to 600 euros) and get firsthand exposure in local schools with the Teaching Assistants in the Basque Country (TABC) program