San Sebastián, Spain

Tours and Field Studies for San Sebastián, Spain

USAC helps you explore the historical, cultural, and natural features of the region with carefully planned tours. If taken for credit, added academic requirements (readings, research, written assignments, reports etc.) deepen your experience. This turns a tour into a Field Study which counts as part of your credit load.

Madrid Tour and Field Study

The optional Madrid Tour can be taken as a Field Study course; you will be expected to keep a journal and answer a series of questions about the sites visited. Upon arrival in San Sebastián, you will have follow-up meetings with a professor and take a final exam. The written work may be completed in Spanish or in English.

USAC encourages every student to participate in this tour/field study; however, it is optional for an additional fee. You may choose to participate for pleasure as a tour or as a 1-credit field study course; the field study students is designed to enhance the experience. You will sign up for the tour or register for the field study on your Course and Tour Registration Form. The deadline to register is April 1; be sure to reserve your spot as the tour fills early.