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Teaching Assistant in the Basque Country (TABC)

Students will assist English teachers in class, helping them out, creating real-life situations for students to practice, and motivating local kids to practice their speaking skills. Qualified students participating in this program will have the opportunity to get full immersion into the local school environment and have firsthand exposure to the local community. Even if you aren’t interested in teaching as a career, this is an excellent opportunity to add experience to your resume, to give back to local children, and to earn a little money while living in San Sebastián. Teaching assignments will depend on availability and scheduling restraints and range from 3 to 10 hours a week.

The TABC program is offered during the semester programs only.

Quick Details

2022-23 App. Cycle

Summer Sessions: Open
Fall/Yearlong: Open
Spring: Open


Preferred GPA: 2.5

Program Type



US Credit

Program Capacity

65 students


English | Spanish | Basque


APUNE--Associación de Programas Universitarios Norteamericanos en España

Passport & Visa

Passport & Visa Information