Pau, France
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Activities for Pau, France

While enrolled, USAC students enjoy the privileges accorded to French students. You are encouraged to participate in local university activities, student clubs, and organizations as a natural way for you to meet French university students. These may include badminton, dance, golf, Basque pelota, tennis, swimming, yoga, handball, basketball, volleyball, rugby, gymnastics, weight lifting, hiking, mountain climbing, canoeing, and spelunking.

Community Activities

Several community organizations in Pau offer courses in drawing, painting, cooking, music, and dance. Information concerning enrollment in these activities is available from the Resident Director on-site. The modest fees for these activities are the responsibility of the student.

Cultural Immersion Opportunities

  • Intern in French companies or organizations (Spring semester only)
  • Volunteer in French schools
  • Participate with local students in many different sports activities offered at the university
  • Ski or hike in the Pyrenees Mountains with local students
  • Interact with French locals in homestays or residence halls
  • Practice French with conversation partners
  • With advanced proficiency, take courses with local students