Pau, France
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About the Pau, France Program

The Pau program is a USAC specialty program. Learn more about on-site program elements and the city itself below.

About Pau

  • Population: approx. 100,000
  • Distance from Paris: 405 miles
  • Distance from Madrid: 263 miles

Guided tour of Pau

Guided tour of Pau

Pau is one of the most breathtaking cities and regions in France. It is small enough to offer everything wihtin walking or biking distance, but large enough to have excellent movie theaters, markets, festivals, concerts, sports facilities, outdoor cafes, beautiful parks, museums, and quaint shops. In addition, studnets enjoy the historical quarters, which date back to Medieval and Renaissance times and were built around the castle of Henri IV.

From Pau, there is easy access to the Pyrenees Mountains, the Atlantic Coast, and Spain. Pau lies roughly one hour from the beaches of Biarritz, 45 minutes from ski resorts, and 30 minutes from Lourdes.