Montevideo, Uruguay
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Internships for Montevideo, Uruguay

Internships in Montevideo are offered during the semester and yearlong terms. Internships are optional and included in your program fees. They range from 1-3 credits and are counted as part of your credit load. Interns earn credit, but no financial compensation. In addition to professional and academic experience, internships are a great way to immerse yourself in the culture, meet locals, and practice your language skills. You will be placed in a Spanish-speaking environment, with high exposure to culture and language. Most internships will require a high level (language track III or higher) of spanish proficiency. If you are at a lower level of proficiency and are interested in an internship, you may still apply but internships options will be more limited. 

Past internship placements in Montevideo have included:

  • Proyecto Colibrí - Students will have the opportunity to work with children from vulnerable neighborhoods in Montevideo. Through recreational activities local children and young volunteers from around the world create a socio-cultural exchange.
  • Audio Production and Technology - Students will have the opportunity to work with a professional in the design of architectural acoustics in studios, theatrical spaces, music venues and other locations.
  • Winery - Students will have the opportunity to participate in the entire process of winemaking and from a family vineyard to sales.
  • Casa Afro-Uruguaya - The Afro-Uruguayan Culture House is a private nonprofit institution that promotes knowledge, appreciation and dissemination of the contributions of Afro-Uruguayans. It contributes to the affirmation of individual and collective identities in the community, encourages cooperation, democratic values, racial equality and better relations between all based on human rights, diversity, eradication of racism and solidarity.
  • Teaching/Tutoring English - Students can work teaching English at the university to local families.


  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Junior standing (at time of internship)
  • Foreign language proficiency (some placements)

A $200 refundable fee is charged and returned upon successful completion of the internship. Placement is not guaranteed by USAC; rather it will be determined by your application, supporting materials, and an interview with the internship sponsor on site.