Madrid, Spain
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Activities for Madrid, Spain

The academic coursework is only part of the intended value of studying abroad. Field trips in and around Madrid also constitute an integral part of this program and students are encouraged to explore every facet of the city. Visiting art museums, partaking in cultural events, and becoming integrated in Madrid’s community are essential to understanding Spain’s culture.

Madrid in the summertime is a place bursting with vitality: its outdoor cafes are filled with people chatting and eating, street buskers fill the air with their music, and the hustle and bustle of its inhabitants lasts well into the night. Students can take advantage of this vibrant atmosphere by exploring the city, visiting its museums, going to concerts, trying new foods, and practicing their Spanish in a variety of contexts. The Madrid Tourist Board offers many cultural activities for international students, and the language exchange program offers students the chance to have a conversation partner (although there are a limited number of participants in the summer months).

Studying for a semester in Madrid gives you the chance to explore a vibrant European capital city for over four months. You´ll have time to learn about its history, explore its neighborhoods, taste the local cuisine and delve into a unique cultural environment. In order to help you make the most of your experience, USAC offers the following opportunities for students who wish to gain full cultural immersion:

  • Class field trips to the theater, museums, the Senate, Congress, and emblematic neighborhoods
  • Volunteerism at local schools and non-profit organizations
  • Internships (for students with advanced Spanish skills)
  • Language Exchange (Conversation partners)
  • Paid work as an English tutor
  • One-credit Field Study course
  • Participation in university clubs
  • Access to information about cultural events sponsored by the Tourist Board of Madrid
  • Contact with other international students in USAC elective courses
  • Weekly updates from staff about events in and around Madrid

You are also encouraged to participate in the opportunities listed below.