Madrid, Spain
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Field Trips for Madrid, Spain

You are also encouraged to participate in the organized field trips, which are included in your program fees. These excursions generally take place on Fridays. In addition to the included program field trips, you'll also have field trips as part of many of your courses and have numerous informal activities that expose you to the local culture as well. Destinations may change at the discretion of the Resident Director.

The following are possible destinations, view term calendars for specifics.


Discover an incredible medieval city that sits atop a hill overlooking the Tagus River. It has an impressive cultural heritage and beautiful architecture, replete with a magnificent cathedral, and centuries-old synagogues and mosques. Toledo was also the adopted home of El Greco, the famous sixteenth-century painter.

Las Hoces del Duratón

We will spend an exciting day in the Hoces del Duratón Natural Park, kayaking down the Duratón River and observing the natural world around us: the 100m gorges (“hoces”) formed by the river, and its flora and fauna. We will then enjoy a delicious Spanish paella.


Known for its impeccably preserved Roman aqueduct, old city quarter, and fairytale Alcazar, Segovia is one of the most visited cities in Spain. Become acquainted with its architecture and cuisine through a guided tour of this fascinating city.

El Escorial and The Valley of the Fallen

Visit the monolithic monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984. Once a royal palace constructed under the supervision of King Phillip II, it is emblematic of the temporal power of the Spanish monarchy and the predominance of Roman Catholicism in sixteenth-century Spain. After touring El Escorial, visit The Valley of the Fallen, a memorial dedicated to those who died in the Spanish Civil War. Beneath the valley floor lie the remains of 40,000 people who fell during the war. It is known for its 490 foot high cross, which rises above a basilica carved 820 ft. into a granite ridge by prisoners of war. It is a controversial structure, as it evokes memories of the dictatorship and is home to General Franco´s tomb

La Granja de San Ildefonso

Visit the gardens of the Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso, which served as summer residence to Spanish kings from Felipe V to Alfonso XIII.


Famous for its beautiful university and splendid architecture, Salamanca is a must-see for any student. Tour the city and learn about its fascinating history, and explore its winding streets, the cathedral and other important monuments.