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About the Shanghai, China Program

The Shanghai program is a USAC specialty program. Learn more about on-site program elements and the city itself below.

About Shanghai

City skyline at night in Shanghai, China.A traditional Chinese pagoda building in Shanghai, China.

  • Distance from Beijing: 665 miles
  • Distance from Hong Kong: 764 miles

Shanghai is the future. Cosmopolitan Shanghai generates a stunning 3.63% of China's gargantuan GDP. This hip city is favored among China's young professionals as well as global Fortune 500 companies.

Legendary for its nightlife, Shanghai has jazz, raves, and dance clubs. Yet, Shanghai is also old-school, with traditional cuisine, opera troupes, tea houses, folk crafts, art museums, and people practicing tai chi or ballroom dancing in the parks. With some of the most creative, futuristic skyscrapers, Shanghai remains an architectural mecca.

Despite Shanghai's enormity, it ranks among the world's safest cities; and it's easy to get around, either on the modern subway system or the ride share bicycles. In the words of a USAC student, "Shanghai is an epic experience, not to be missed."