Shanghai, China
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Host University for Shanghai, China

Established in 1922, and with nearly 40,000 students distributed over three campuses, Shanghai University is one of China's key universities. In addition to Chinese students, it attracts 2,000 students from 80 countries.

The Shanghai program is located on the Yanchang Campus, 20 minutes from the downtown area. There are various types of sports and recreational facilities open to students, such as grassland football fields, basketball courts, and a swimming pool. A tennis and soccer facility is adjacent to the campus. Two gyms are within walking distance from the campus. A modern shopping mall with a number of restaurants, hotels, clothes stores, and supermarkets is 5-minute walk from the campus. There are also opportunities to meet local people through club activities across town such as cooking, climbing, hiking, football, rugby, racquet sports, skating, yoga, Tai Chi, book clubs, arts and crafts and more.