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Activities for The Hague, Netherlands

Two people riding bikes in The Hague, Netherlands.As a student at The Hague University, you can purchase a sports and/or fitness card, which allows you to enroll in a variety of programs such as aerobics, aikido, skiing, snowboarding, tennis, volleyball, swimming, basketball, golf, and climbing. Some of these may require modest additional fees. There are also a number of clubs available for your participation. Student "buddies" are available to help with adjusting to life in the Netherlands and are a valuable resource for almost any information.

Throughout Holland, you will see bicycles wherever you look; the Dutch use the bicycle as a way of transportation rather than just for recreation. Cycling is the cheapest and most popular way for students to get around, and there are many shops where you can purchase an inexpensive used bike. You will find clearly marked bicycle lanes and routes in all major cities as well as bicycle parking facilities. The university even has a bike garage.