Nishinomiya, Japan
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Living Accommodations for Nishinomiya (Osaka/Kobe), Japan

Residence Hall

All dormitories are located off campus. Distances range from walking distance to approximately a one-hour commute. By living in a dormitory, you’ll experience different cultures and build strong international friendships. KGU places exchange students in various dormitories. The type of accommodation and location varies depending on the placement. All dormitories provide students with their own private room. The dormitory option is recommended for students who value personal space and independence.

Homestay (limited)

Fun with the Host Family!

Fun with the Host Family!

The families are located within a 45-60-minute commute to the university. In addition to a private room, the family will provide you with meals (two meals on weekdays and three meals on weekends and Japanese national holidays). Living with a family provides an unmatched opportunity to speak Japanese and learn Japanese customs. Becoming part of a Japanese family can be an amazing experience. This also means living in close quarters with a Japanese family, respecting each other, and making compromises. The homestay option is recommended for students who are extremely motivated in using Japanese every day and are highly adaptable.