Pau, France

Internships for Pau, France

Internships are available in the spring semester only. Interns receive a maximum of three credits but no financial compensation; the schedule will be determined in accordance with the schedule of courses. Internship students are expected to stay in Pau until mid-May. The work will be done in a French-speaking environment so students must have taken at least six semesters of college French in order to be eligible. They should be able to communicate at an advanced language level in both oral and written French. Students should notify the USAC Central Office about their wish to do an internship at least 45 days prior to arrival in Pau.

Placement is not guaranteed by USAC, but determined by application to USAC and an interview with the internship sponsor once in France. USAC will attempt to place students in any major field of work/study; a sample of recent placements include

  • teaching assistant in local schools
  • hotels/restaurants
  • import/export companies
  • tourism
  • retail/sales
  • journalism
  • Le Nid Bearnais, a medical center for handicapped children
  • Mediathèque, a multimedia library
  • Pau Golf Club
  • FNAC, a French multimedia bookstore chain
  • Chocolate de Neuville, an internationally renowned French chocolate shop
  • Fromagerie Bachelet, a cheese monger
  • Galeries Lafayette
  • Children's clinic
  • Chambre de Commerce et de l'Industrie
  • Usine des Tramways (Archives Ville de Pau)

If interested, you will apply after you have been accepted into the program; consult the Internship Opportunities and Application document on Student Gateway for more information. Requirements are: minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and junior standing at time of internship. A refundable fee of $100 is charged and returned upon successful completion of the internship.