The Hague, Netherlands
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Living Accommodations for The Hague, Netherlands

Off-Campus Housing

An example of off-campus living accommodations.

An example of off-campus living accommodations.

The university does not have its own on-campus housing but has arrangements with a variety of housing providers (The Student Hotel, Geste Groep, The Y, DUWO, etc.) to locate off-campus housing; however, space is limited. Most local university students and international students use a provider and live in off-campus accommodations.

Students may rent single rooms with the option for a larger room at a higher rate. A limited number of double rooms are available. Most accommodations share kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facilities. Housing is located within 5-20 minutes of the university. There is a comprehensive public transportation system of trams, buses, and trains that serves The Hague and the rest of the Netherlands.