Seoul, Korea
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Field Trips for Seoul, Korea

Yonsei University

Two-Day Korean Cultural Field Trip (Summer)

Yonsei University offers an extensive two-day field trip to Busan with accommodations, meals, transportation, and entrance fees included. This trip is designed to acquaint students with historic, scenic, and modern Korea, as well as provide the opportunity to create fun adventures and memories with friends in the middle of the program. The itinerary includes visits to a traditional Korean Buddhist temple, natural parks, a beach, and a market. This optional trip is available for an additional fee and detailed information will be provided upon acceptance.

One-Day Field Trips (Summer)

Typically held on Fridays, one-day field trips are also organized for students. They typically have an additional fee. Sample locations for these excursions include: Seoul City Tour, DMZ Tour, Korean Folk Village, and Mud Festival.

One-Day Field Trips (January)

Yonsei University offers several one-day field trips for students for an additional fee. Most of these field trips are held on Saturdays and may include a DMZ Tour, Ski Tour, and Korean Cooking Class. A K-Beauty & Company Visit is included in your program fee.

Kookmin University

Field trips (Semester)

Organized field trips (free or small charge to cover costs) are held throughout the year.

One-Day Cultural Experience Field Trip (Summer)

This all-day field trip, included in your program fee, takes you to Namiseom Island or a visit to a Korean folk village.

Namiseom Island is a half-moon-shaped isle and is famous for its beautiful tree lined roads. “Nami” island, as it’s known, was designated a UNICEF Child Friendly Park. This was a first for Korea and only the 14th park in the world to receive such a designation.

When visiting the Korean folk village, you will be able to watch intriguing cultural performances such as nongak (farmer’s music), martial arts on horseback, and traditional ceremonies. Students can enjoy traditional rice cakes like jeungpyeon, injeolmi, bueko-gui, or pageon.