Verona, Italy
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Internships for Verona, Italy

Internships in Verona are offered during the semester and yearlong terms. Internships are optional and included in your program fees. They range from 1-3 credits and are counted as part of your academic credit load, in addition to the minimum credit requirement. Interns earn credit, but no financial compensation. In addition to professional and academic experience, internships are a great way to immerse yourself in the culture, meet locals, and practice your language skills. You will be working in an authentic local environment, with exposure to the Italian language. While Italian language ability is not necessary to complete an internship, it is helpful.


  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Junior standing (at time of internship)
  • Foreign language proficiency (some placements)

A $200 refundable fee is charged and returned upon successful completion of the internship. Placement is not guaranteed by USAC; rather it will be determined by your application, supporting materials, and an interview with the internship sponsor on site.

Internship placements include:

USAC Verona gives you the opportunity to choose freely or to link theoretical knowledge with practice: by attending some courses during the semester, you will be able to easily apply for an internship related to the courses you're taking. The internship opportunities linked to the courses are not exclusively open to only those who attend the related classes, but it is always preferable. There are also opportunities of being an intern with no restrictions, open for anyone who would love to improve personal skills in a different country.

Here are examples of internships that correlate with specific courses offered in Verona.


Arithmos SRL
IT, data analysis
Intern activities include: SEO; supporting the SalesForce CRM database; implementation of GDPR policies and email campaigns in relation to GDPR; copyediting

Cross NT
Marketing and social media
Intern activities include: Social media analysis (performance and competitors); social media content creation and editing; event management; creation of marketing material


A.C. Chievo Verona International Academy
Sport Business Management
Intern activities include: Support and management of daily activities; research of new partners in the US and around the globe; Chievo International Academy promotion


3-Star and 4-star Hotels
Management, hospitality
Intern activities include: Editing of the English website; check in and check out in English; support with the daily activities; front office

Communication, education
Intern activities include:Web and blog content editing in English; help with the events organization.

Intern activities include: Web content editing; press office activities; social media management and production; marketing development; studio assistant


"Marco Polo" Marketing and Tourism High School
Intern activities include: Help English teachers in class with students from 14 to 19 years old; support in the creation of English projects (English movies, touristic activities etc.)