Verona, Italy
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Field Trips for Verona, Italy

You are also encouraged to participate in the included program field trips, listed below. Exact dates and locations may change at the discretion of the Resident Director. Possible locations may include the following.


Venice, the capital of the Veneto region, sits on top of marshy lagoon and consists of 117 small islands connected by various bridges. Venice has been called the “City of Water” and “The Floating City” due to its endless canals along the Po and Piave Rivers. Float across the Grand Canal on a waterbus or gondola, or stroll along St. Mark’s square; there are plenty of museums, cathedrals, and theaters to keep you occupied in this magical city.


Claimed to be the oldest city in Northern Italy, Padova is the capital of the province of Padua and is located on the Bacchiglione River. It is home to the Scrovegni Chapel featuring various frescoes completed by Giotto, Donatello’s Erasmo da Narni, and the markets in the Palazzo della Ragione.


Mantua, known as La Bella Addormentata or sleeping beauty, is part of the UNESCO Quadrilateral and has been named a World Heritage Site. Often overlooked by tourists, this small town is surrounded on three sides by lakes. Mantova has been able to preserve many historical sites from the Gonzaga century including the Palazzo Te, Basilica di Sant’Andrea di Mantova and the Teatro Bibbiena.


Treviso is the birthplace of the Italian dessert Tiramisu as well as the original production area of Prosecco wine. It is home to a number of clothing, bicycle, and appliance headquarters. While it is a center for economic growth and business, it’s easy to escape and enjoy a peaceful walk in the city parks and along the river.


Vicenza is a cosmopolitan city located along the Bacchiglione River. Don’t miss the Teatro Olimpico or museums like the Palladio or Museo Del Giello.


Trieste is a seaport located on the Adriatic Sea. The city has not only Italian roots but also influence from Latin, Slavic, and Germanic cultures. Trieste was an important location during the world wars and has continued to be an excellent location for trade and shipping. The sites in Trieste are limitless and include the Piazz dell’Unita d’Italia, Miramare Castle, and Carso Triestino.

Lake Garda

Formed by glaciers in the last Ice Age, Lake Garda is the largest alpine lake in Italy. Catch a great view of the lake from the Old Ponale Road Path, Monte Baldo, or Giamaica Beach. You can also see the landscape from the Scaliger castle or the Bastion. Bring your hiking shoes if you want to challenge yourself to see the views from the Santa Barbara Church or Arco Castle; or you can have a different kind of adventure at the Gardaland or Movieland amusement parks.

Lake Como

Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy and of glacial origin. Keep your eyes peeled when visiting as Lake Como is home to many aristocrats, famous musicians, and actors. Check out some of the beautiful gardens located in the Villa del Balbianello, Villa Carlotta, and Villa Melzi. Bring your camera for amazing views from the Funicolare Como-Brunate cable car or the Faro voltiano lighthouse. For the adventurers, you can also rent kayaks and canoes for a more close-up experience.

Dolomite Mountains

Named for the dominant rock type, the Dolomite Mountains vary from the Alps due to the vertical and dramatic walls of rock overseeing a huge alpine meadow. Historically, the Dolomite Mountains were the front line between Italian and Austrian armies during World War I leaving many locals to relate more to Germanic ancestors and culture than that of Italy. Spectacular views, skiing, and hiking!


Located at the base of the Alps, Bergamo is a highly urbanized town sharing a border with the Milan metropolitan area. This city has no shortage of beauty between the cathedral and baptistry and the various cable cars overlooking the landscape.


Bolzano is the gateway to the Dolomites and is home to a number of German-Italian speakers. Take a ride in a cable-car to catch brilliant views of the town and nearby mountains or experience nature first hand at the Lake Carezza or Puez-Geisler Nature Park.