London, England
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On-Site Staff for London, England

Semester and Yearlong Program Staff

Stop by the International Office to ask any questions you might have. The staff is always willing to help!

Stop by the International Office to ask any questions ...

The International Programmes Office provides a friendly focal point and ready source of information throughout your time at London Met. The committed team will help you arrange your semester and ensure that your experience is integrated and rewarding. Study Abroad students are fully immersed into the academic and social life of London Metropolitan University, and have access to its extensive libraries, a state-of-the-art £30 million science centre, seven floors of computers in a technology tower, free Wi-Fi, interpreting suites, multi-media studios and many more specialist facilities.

In addition to the outstanding support available from the International Programmes Office, Ellie Yannas will also serve as a resource to USAC students as the local USAC Resident Director. She teaches Drama at London Metropolitan University and is the Resident Director for the USAC London Summer program. Ellie will be available in support and to help answer questions. She’ll also organize group events for USAC students, including a welcome tea and field trips.

Summer Program Staff

The London program has a Resident Director who is responsible for the overall operations of the program: securing appropriate student housing, hiring outstanding faculty, organizing exciting field trips, and overseeing your general well-being. Ellie Yannas is the Resident Director for the London summer program. Ellie received her MA in Advanced Theatre Practice and Physical Theatre from the Central School of Speech and Drama and the Ecole Philippe Gaulier. She teaches Drama at London Metropolitan University and has been teaching the Theatre in London course for the USAC London summer program since 2005. Ellie will meet the group flight at the airport and provide the mandatory on-site orientation as well as additional support and resources while you are on the program.