Khon Kaen, Thailand
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Activities for Khon Kaen, Thailand

Cultural Immersion

USAC encourages you to get involved in the local community and campus. As a USAC student, you will receive a student ID card, which provides you access to all campus facilities and the ability to participate in university clubs and activities. Additional examples of immersion opportunities include:

• Volunteering or interning
• Practicing your Thai and learning more about local culture
• Hiking (“trekking”) in local nature preserves and national parks
• Joining in with optional activities such as silk weaving workshops, pottery workshops, natural tie-dye workshops, traditional Thai performance, Muay Thai, Thai Dance or Thai massage


Maximize your experience of studying in Khon Kaen by spending free time doing voluntary works with local Thai students. Regular activities include renovating community facilities, organizing English camp for rural students, empowering activities to people with less opportunities, taking care of elderly people, or job shadowing in hospital practices.

You are also encouraged to participate in the opportunities listed below.