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Chinese Studies in Chiang Mai

Participate in USAC's alternate Chinese Specialty Program located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. During this program, students can study and immerse themselves in Chinese language and culture while living in the ornate "Land of Smiles." Spring students are ready to explore the gem of Chiang Mai!

Why study Chinese in Chiang Mai, Thailand?

Chiang Mai has a vibrant Chinese community and a high concentration of people with Chinese-Thai ancestry, making Chinese a much-studied and often-spoken language in the region. Students will see first-hand how Chinese descendants in Chiang Mai have played a significant role in the city’s economic and historical development.

  • Take immersive Chinese language studies at Chiang Mai University, which hosts an established library of more than 3,200 volumes of books and videos in Chinese. It also offers HSK/HSKK certification exams at various times throughout the semester.
  • Participate in Chinese language courses and additional electives from among the regular offerings of the Chiang Mai program.
  • Immerse yourself in the large and active Chinese student community on campus and work with a language partner to practice and develop Chinese language skills.
  • Experience Thai culture through field trips and student activities in the city, mountain regions, rivers, rainforests, national parks or nature preserves.
  • The USAC Resident Director and staff are on-site full-time to welcome and support you during your term abroad.

Chinese Language Tracks

Students will enroll in two or three courses within each 9-credit language track and select their remaining electives from our regular offerings in Chiang Mai, including courses on Chinese history, culture and society.

Track II: 9 credits

Prerequisite: 2 semesters of college Chinese

  1. Intermediate Chinese I
  2. Intermediate Chinese II
  3. Advanced Chinese I

Track III: 9 credits

Prerequisite: 3 semesters of college Chinese

  1. Intermediate Chinese II
  2. Advanced Chinese I
  3. Advanced Chinese II

Track IV: 9 credits

Prerequisite: 5 semesters of college Chinese

  1. Advanced Chinese II
  2. Advanced Chinese III
  3. Advanced Chinese IV

      How to Apply?

      The Chinese Studies in Thailand option is part of USAC’s regular Spring semester program in Chiang Mai and includes housing options, field trips, and group activities.

      Spring 2022 Application Deadline: Nov. 1, 2021

      Apply Now

      If you're a current or former student, contact your Enrollment Specialist to switch your application to Chiang Mai.

      Chiang Mai On-Site Staff Resident Director

      Chiang Mai Staff 2020

      The Chiang Mai program has as Resident Director (RD) who is responsible for the overall operations of the program, including securing appropriate student housing, hiring outstanding faculty, organizing exciting field trips and overseeing your general well-being.

      Chaidarun “Jum” Tippawan is the RD and speaks English and Thai fluently. She received her master’s degree from Uppsala University in Sweden. Malisa “Mali” Boonruang, Sirisorn “Siri” Sittirin, and Keatisak “Keat” Chaipatanapruck, the Chiang Mai Program team members, wholeheartedly help every student out with any matter as well as overseeing course enrollment. Mali and Siri are alumni of Chiang Mai University and Chiang Mai natives while Keat is an expert in locating internship positions for students.

      The USAC staff will meet the group flight at the airport and provide the mandatory on-site orientation as well as additional support and resources while you are on the program. Moreover, all of the faculty for the program, in addition to teaching excellent courses, can also give the best advice on how to live and study in Thailand.

      Chiang Mai Program Advisor

      Belen Figueroa

      Belen Figueroa

      Schedule an Appointment

      Quick Details

      2021-22 App. Cycle

      Spring: Late application possible contact USAC
      Passport required for late applicants

      2022-23 App. Cycle

      Summer Sessions: Open
      Fall/Yearlong: Open
      Spring: Open


      Preferred GPA: 2.5

      Program Type



      US Credit

      Program Capacity

      Summer: 50 students

      Semester: 60 students



      Passport & Visa

      Passport & Visa Information