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On-Site Staff for Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Chiang Mai program has as Resident Director (RD) who is responsible for the overall operations of the program, including securing appropriate student housing, hiring outstanding faculty, organizing exciting field trips and overseeing your general well-being.

The Chiang Mai Program also has two program assistants, Sirisorn “Siri” Sittirin and Araya “Aye” Amaekngan.

The USAC staff will meet the group flight at the airport and provide the mandatory on-site orientation as well as additional support and resources while you are on the program. Moreover, all of the faculty for the program, in addition to teaching excellent courses, can also give the best advice on how to live and study in Thailand.

Meet the Resident Director

Chaidarun Tippawan

Chaidarun “Jum” Tippawan is the Resident Director, overseeing the program operation and ensuring the quality and success of the program. Her study abroad experiences include more than 10 countries around the world, with her graduate studies in Sweden, Czech Republic, and France. Jum speaks Thai and English fluently, with working French and Japanese.

Sirisorn SittirinProgram Assistant

Siri is a Chiang Mai native and received her Master’s Degree in Education Instructions and Curriculum from Chiang Mai University. Siri works with professors and faculties for ensuring the quality of USAC Chiang Mai academic reputation. She enjoys sharing her passion in marathon, trail running, and long distance biking with students.

Araya AmaeknganProgram Assistant

Aye graduated in International Relations, from Naresuan University. She is in charge of volunteering and immersion opportunities, the Thai Buddy program, and program housing. Traveling, sports, and music are her favorite hobbies.