Stellenbosch, South Africa
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Host University for Stellenbosch, South Africa

Stellenbosch University with snow-covered peaks in the background.

Stellenbosch University with snow-covered peaks in the ...

The Stellenbosch University main campus is located in the Boland Mountains of South Africa’s Western Cape Province, in a historic, oak-lined university town. The university is a unique mix of the old and new, with centuries-old buildings and new, state-of-the-art facilities sharing the campus.

Today, SU is focused on student, faculty, and staff diversity and inclusivity, and on developing a multicultural campus culture that welcomes individuals regardless of origin, ethnicity, language, gender, religious and political conviction, social class, disability, or sexual orientation. The university is committed to remaining a national asset, and to leading South Africa’s efforts to increase sustainability and the quality of life of all its citizens. Toward this end, SU leadership has made a conscious decision to utilize its expertise for the benefit of society at large. This science-for-society approach is reflected in SU's HOPE Project, a campus-wide initiative through which the University uses its core business—teaching and learning, research, and community interaction—in search of sustainable solutions to some of South Africa and Africa's greatest challenges.