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Activities for Gwangju/Yeosu, Korea

Co-curricular activities give you a chance to dive in and get to know the local community and culture, as well as your fellow students in a meaningful way. Chonnam National University has more than 80 actively operating clubs during the semester in the areas of academics, athletics, liberal arts, religion, and volunteer service. The CNU Club Association hosts an annual event that advertises clubs and helps students get to know their own interests.

Group activities during the summer also include activities such as calligraphy, Taekwando lessons, pottery workshops, cooking lessons, K-pop dance, K-beauty, and welcome and farewell parties.


All students are required to attend the mandatory orientation session provided by Chonnam National University. The day’s activities include a welcoming ceremony, activities to get to know your fellow students in smaller groups, as well as a more practical introduction to the campus and city.

CNU Buddy Program

Designed to ensure every student feels comfortable in their new surroundings, the buddy program pairs international students with local CNU students, enabling you to make lifelong friendships, learn about student life in Korea, and venture out and around Gwangju and Yeosu.

Field Trips

Staff at both campuses arrange a variety of field trips for students to participate in during their time abroad.

Sample locations/activities for Gwangju excursions include: Gwangju May 18 Memorial Park, Homestay home visit, Korean Folk Village and Temple Stay, Gyeongju, Busan, Yeosu, Mudeungsan National Park, and the Boryeong Mud Festival.

Sample locations/activities for Yeosu excursions include: Odong-do, Suncheonman National Garden, Hyangilam, Hwaeomsa Templestay, Goso-dong Mural Village, Muju taekwondo, Gwangju, and a boat cruise.