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About the Gwangju/Yeosu, Korea Program

The Gwangju/Yeosu program is a USAC Partnership Program. Learn more about on-site program elements and the city itself below.

About Gwangju

An areal view of Gwangju, Korea.

  • Distance from Seoul: 166 miles
  • Distance from Tokyo: 727 miles

Gwangju is rich in cuisine, natural scenery, and culture and art, with exhibitions, festivals, and colorful, vibrant performances throughout the year. The city is home to a former World Cup Stadium venue, professional baseball and soccer, and plays host to the annual World Kimchi Culture Festival, Art and Design Biennales in alternating years, and Universiade, a university-level sports festival that is the largest multi-sport event after the Olympics. Sports, music, and cultural festivals are not to be missed as well as fashionable Chungjangno, the “street of youth.” You should not miss Mudeungsan Mountain National Park, a 30-minute bus ride from central Gwangju. The park is a vividly green mountain range with excellent trails, three rock peaks over 3,894 feet, diverse ecosystems, and several endangered species. At the base of the mountain are several famous temples including Yaksaam, Jeungsimsa, and Wonhyosa as well as museums and other recreational opportunities.

About YeosuAn areal view of Yeosu, Korea.

  • Population: approx. 274,000
  • Distance from Gwangju: 54 miles
  • Distance from Seoul: 197 miles
  • Distance from Tokyo: 679 miles

Yeosu is a thriving port city on South Korea’s East China Sea coast and famously had a song written about it: “Yeosu Night Sea”. Being an archipelago means it doesn’t lack for things to do. In addition to island hopping on a large scale, you can get aerial views from the Yeosu Sea Cable Car, bask in the azalea found on Yeongchwisan Mountain, view Yeosu Yi Sun-sin bridge, the fourth largest suspension bridge in the world, and check out the Yeosu EXPO. Many concerts and festivals occur throughout the year including the Yeosu Jinnam Geobukseon Festival, Yeojaman Bay Twilight Festival, Hyangiram Temple Sunrise Festival, and the Dongdong Drum Festival to name a few. Known for being a sophisticated and lively city, be sure to check out the active art and music scene or try your hand at a water activity. When you want to have more of a low-key day, visit one of the parks around the city for stunning views and don’t forget to try one of the foods Yeosu is most famous for: agujjim (braised fish dish), seodae hwae (sashimi), and soy sauce marinated crabs (ganjang gejang).