Viterbo, Italy
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Tours and Field Studies for Viterbo, Italy

USAC helps you explore the cultural, historical, and natural features of the region with carefully planned excursions. These experiences combined with academic components (readings, research, written assignments, reports, etc.) deepen your understanding of what you are exploring. A field study course counts as part of your credit load.

USAC organizes a 1-credit, 5-day field study course each semester. USAC encourages every student to enroll in these courses; however, this segment of the program is optional for an additional fee, which includes lodging, transportation, entrance fees and guided tours. Enrollment in the field study course is necessary to participate on the trip itself; the course may not be taken for audit. You will enroll in the field study on your Course and Tour Registration Form; the fall deadline is June 15 and the spring deadline is December 1.

Heart of Italy

We will travel by bus through the cypresses and marble quarries of Tuscany on our way to Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, where we will visit the Uffizi Museum, the famous Duomo, bell tower, Palazzo Vecchio and Santa Croce Church. Then we’ll head to Pisa to admire the famous Leaning Tower and Piazza dei Miracoli. On our way south we will stop in San Gimignano, known for the many medieval towers. Our final stop will be in Siena, a charming hillside town.

Southern Italy

The first stop on the tour will be Sorrento, built on cliffs overlooking the Bay of Naples and the volcano Vesuvius. We will then head to Naples to visit the famous castles, the vast Royal Palace, the Piazza del Plebiscito and the National Archaeological Museum. We will also explore Pompeii, buried in 79 AD by one of Vesuvius’ most destructive eruptions. Frozen in time, Pompeii offers a fascinating view of ancient Roman life. You will also have the opportunity to walk up the active volcano or you may take a ferry to the island of Capri. We will travel along the famed Amalfi Coast, its winding cliff-top roads, and tiny, luxurious towns and stop in the town of Caserta to visit the royal palace built in 1752 for Charles of Bourbon.

Southern Tuscany Tour

Travel by bus through the cypress trees of Tuscany on the way to the Medieval gem of the Chianti region: Siena, filled with fine examples of architecture and one of the world's most unique piazzas - Piazza del Campo. Along the way, we will explore unique sites full of history such as the amazing hill towns and Montalcino, a fairytale town of rare beauty. The city is full of elegant Renaissance palaces, ancient churches, charming squares, and hidden corners; Montepulciano has become famous since it's feature in the vampire saga Twilight.