Viterbo, Italy
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Field Trips for Viterbo, Italy

You are also encouraged to participate on the included program field trips, in addition to the field trips built into some of your courses. Exact dates and locations may change at the discretion of the Resident Director. Examples may include the following.

Dates and exact locations are at the discretion of the Resident Director and they vary from session and session and semester to semester. Common destinations include the following.


Explore the capital of—and the largest city in—Italy, with its Roman ruins, imperial temples, medieval towers, Renaissance palaces, and baroque basilicas. Its artistic treasures are highlighted throughout the city in museums and monuments. There will also be plenty of time to eat and relax in the many cafés Rome has to offer.

Capalbio and the Tuscan Coastline

Visit a beautiful medieval hill town in southern Tuscany and, weather permitting, enjoy a swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Explore a fantastical sculpture garden based on the Tarot cards, designed by Niki de St. Phalle in the spirit of Gaudi.

Assisi and Perugia

Visit this beautiful region of castles, fortresses and watchtowers interspersed with hill towns, monasteries and host to Italy’s largest non-alpine lake, Lake Trasimeno. We’ll stop in Assisi, home of St. Francis, and Perugia, site of the world famous Umbria Jazz Festival and the Chocolate Festival.

Spoleto and Marmore Waterfalls

Visit this picturesque medieval town of Spoleto, site of the world famous Festival dei 2Mondi, with its beautiful views over the Umbria hills, charming piazzas and amazing cathedral; hike atop the Marmore Waterfalls, biggest waterfalls in Europe, enjoy a breathtaking view.

Civita di Bagnoregio and Orvieto

Enjoy Civita di Bagnoregio, a village perched on a hill - also known as the dying - and its amazing views. You'll also visit Orvieto, with its significant cultural heritage, fascinating traditions, and unique cathedral.