Viterbo, Italy
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Living Accommodations for Viterbo, Italy

All apartments are located within walking distance from the university and the USAC offices; whether it is in the historical section or in the more modern area of Viterbo, each neighborhood is like a microtown in itself, offering a whole range of stores, cafeterias, pharmacies, as well as picturesque views and landscapes. Students can enjoy shopping in small family-run stores, try different breads at the bakery, or buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the open air market.


Lunch in program apartment.

Lunch in program apartment.

Typically, most student apartments are shared by two to four USAC and/or Italian students, with single or double occupancy bedrooms. They have basic kitchen amenities and modest furnishings.


Live with a single, older Italian adult, a university student, or more than one Italian student. Most likely you would also share this housing with at least one other USAC participant. This is a limited option and USAC cannot guarantee availability.

A refundable damage deposit is required. Rent is paid monthly and not pro-rated (with the exception of May, when students pay for only half the month) and does not include utilities. Fall students may choose to stay in the apartment after the program end date until the end of December.