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Internships for Melbourne, Australia

Internships are provided under supervision from Deakin University. Deakin works closely with students to make their experiences more valuable and to make sure the programs are beneficial for all parties involved. Internships are structured placements which have academic credit attached to them; interns receive credits but no financial compensation. Internships are offered in the arts and business faculties. Students are required to research and locate their own host organization for their internship opportunity.

As a study abroad student you are eligible to apply, provided you are studying for a minimum of two trimesters at Deakin Univeristy. You are required to have completed one trimester, 4 credit points at Deakin, and at least 12 credit points in your studies to be able to apply for the internship program.

Typically the first trimester is focused on preparation and planning of the internship and the second trimester the internship is carried out. Students interested in undertaking an internship can indicate such on the Deakin University Application Form, available on your USAC Student Gateway account.