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Staff Support


All USAC students are supported by a team of USAC staff after they are accepted into a program. This includes staff from the Enrollment, Information, and Accounting Departments at USAC. The Enrollment Department helps students and their academic advisors with information about courses and assists in the registration process. The Accounting Department is available to answer questions regarding balances due, payments, and student insurance. A Program Advisor from the Information Department answers questions addressing what the program is like, departure details, housing, visas, flights, health and safety information, and any additional information. The USAC team helps students each step of the way as they prepare for departure.


Specialty Programs

For each Specialty program, USAC has a Resident Director on-site to support all aspects of the program. Each Resident Director has enthusiasm for working with students and a vast knowledge of the local culture. The Resident Director and/or on-site staff make the housing arrangements for students who have requested it in advance (including homestays on most locations), oversee the academic aspect of the program, set up language conversation partners, as well as individual internships and volunteer opportunities. In addition, on-site staff organize USAC field trips and optional tours and provide general 24-hour support (for emergencies). Once students arrive at the program site, Specialty programs offer airport pick-up for those on the group flight.

Partnership Programs

The International Office (or equivalent) on the host campus is the main resource for USAC students at Partnership program sites and generally provides assistance with course registration, tips for travel, health and safety information, and support. Some also organize field trips that USAC students may participate in. Overall, students are more independent on Partnership programs.

Some Partnership programs have a USAC Resident Director on site to provide student support in addition to the resources already available at the host university. These USAC Resident Directors can provide guidance and assistance in order to supplement host campus services. You can find out whether or not your Partnership program will have a Resident Director in the “On-Site Staff” tab on the webpage for each program or by contacting your Program Advisor.