Health & Safety
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Staff Support


All USAC students are supported by a team of USAC staff after they are accepted into a program. This includes staff from the Enrollment, Information, and Accounting Departments at USAC. If you have specific health and safety needs prior to departure, contact a member of your USAC team or


Specialty Programs

USAC has a Resident Director on-site to support all aspects of our Specialty programs. Each Resident Director has enthusiasm for working with students and a vast knowledge of the local culture. They will cover health and safety in detail during the mandatory on-site orientation, but Resident Directors and their staff also keep their doors open to you for the duration of the program if you have health and safety concerns. Don’t hesitate to go to them for help as the need arises.

Partnership Programs

The International Office (or equivalent) on the host campus is the main resource for USAC students at Partnership program sites and generally provides assistance with course registration, tips for travel, health and safety information, and support. Overall, students are more independent on Partnership programs, but you can always reach out to your support team at your host university, at the Central Office, and with your insurance provider should you need health and safety help while on a Partnership program.

Some Partnership programs have a USAC Resident Director on site to provide student support in addition to the resources already available at the host university. These USAC Resident Directors can provide guidance and assistance in order to supplement host campus services. You can find out whether or not your Partnership program will have a Resident Director in the “On-Site Staff” tab on the webpage for each program or by contacting your Program Advisor.