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Spain Visa Types

Group Visa Submission

A Group Visa Submission allows USAC to submit your visa application on your behalf. A Group Visa Submission prevents students from having to make an individual appointment with the Consulate. It also saves you the cost of traveling to the consulate. USAC does not charge any fees for participation in a Group Visa Submission. However, the student is responsible to cover any fees associated with submitting their application for a Group Visa Submission such as the consulate visa application fee, mailing/shipping costs, notarization of documents, etc.

Group Visa Submissions are offered based on the number of applications and consulate requirements; thus, Group Visa Submissions are not offered for every consulate. For consulates that a Group Visa Submission is not offered, you will need to apply individually and submit your application to the appropriate consulate based on your jurisdiction.

USAC currently offers Group Visa Submissions for students whose permanent or college/university address is in the jurisdictions of the Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York (required for this jurisdiction) Spanish consulates.

Deadlines to participate on our Group Visa Submission will be confirmed in the Group Visa Guides on your USAC Student Gateway account.

Coordinating Group Visa Submissions with these consulates is a complex process; our ability to submit group visa applications in a given jurisdiction may change with little notice and is outside of USAC’s control. Group Visa Submission deadlines are set by the consulate and not at the discretion of USAC. USAC has no control over visa requirements, processing times, if a visa is granted, or communication with a consulate. If the status of a Group Visa Submission changes, you will be notified as soon as possible via your USAC Student Gateway and/or by your Program Advisor.

Participating on Group Visa Submissions also requires that your passport stay at the consulate for the entire processing time. USAC will not request a passport back from the consulate for any reason. USAC does not recommend travel prior to the start of your program.

In order to participate on a Group Visa Submission, see the program deadlines here.

Individual Visa Submission

Students who apply after the Early Admission Period, may not be able to participate on the Group Visa Submission and would need to prepare to submit individually or consider a future term, or select a different USAC program. Individual appointments at consulates are extremely limited and hard to secure. Consulates highly prefer students participate in a Group Visa Submission (if offered) as these applications are prioritized by the consulate.

Enrolled students: Further information, resources and guidance will be provided by your Program Advisor and will be posted to your Gateway account once approved to USAC. This will include the Visa Guide, which will be available about 4 months prior to the program start. Your USAC Program Advisor will also be available to provide guidance if anything is unclear.

Certain consulates may require you to schedule an appointment and appear in-person to apply and/or pick up your visa. Requesting an appointment with specific consulates will take additional planning, time, and money on your end.

Students should refer to the Consulate General of Spain’s website and review their respective consulates guidelines on visa submission requirements and processes. If you are required to personally travel for your visa, this will be at your own expense as part of the visa process.

USAC has no control over visa processing times, appointments, communication with the consulates, the granting of visas, or visa requirements.