Alicante, Spain

Teaching Assistant Program

USAC offers some tutoring opportunities for the students so they can not only earn a little money but get involved in the Spanish culture and get to know locals to practice the language and best experience the Spanish lifestyle. There are two types of tutoring jobs that you can sign up for:

  • Private lessons with kids or adults. These lessons will mostly consist of speaking in English with children (2-9 years old) while playing with them; doing homework with kids (10-16); or just English conversation with adults.
  • Local schools. USAC has made an agreement with a network of private and public schools so that our students can work as conversation teachers or assistants to English teachers in elementary, middle or high schools.
As a teaching assistant you will help the local teachers to solicit conversation and give presentations to the English classes on topics which the teacher will suggest, such as American holidays or school sports. As a conversation teacher, you will prepare your own presentations on topics that you will find based on student interest. All the tutoring opportunities offered by USAC in Alicante are paid (payments will vary depending on the school, family, and schedules).