Maastricht, Netherlands
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Living Accommodations for Maastricht, Netherlands

Summer and Semester

Live at the International Student Guesthouse, just a 5 minute bike ride from the university.

Live at the International Student Guesthouse, just a 5 ...

You will stay at the University's International Student Guesthouse during your time in Maastricht. The Guesthouse is located within walking distance of downtown Maastricht, with easy access to restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and the city's nightlife.

All USAC students will have private, furnished bedrooms, and will share bathroom, kitchen, and living areas. USAC-arranged housing is included in your program fee.

Students are responsible for arranging for their own meals during their time in Maastricht.

Summer only

Students participating on one of the study tours during the block one period will stay in hotels during their time away from Maastricht. The cost for shared hotel rooms is included in the program fee. Breakfast is also included during the study tours, with the cost of lunch and most dinners being the responsibility of the student.