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Activities for Hiroshima, Japan

Traditional Japanese building in Hiroshima, Japan.

Your first week in Hiroshima includes an extensive orientation regarding life on campus. In the fall, HUSA staff may arrange a visit to a local autumn festival in Yoshiura, Kure City where students will volunteer to help. Students also are assigned a "student tutor" to help them settle into their housing and get to know the local community. This tutor will be available throughout the semester to help with acclimation to the university and Japanese culture. Conversation partners or "kaiwa" partners are also available to assist you with your language studies. Students are invited to join other activities as planned by Hiroshima University during the semester.

The Network of International Exchange (NOIE) is a program for international and local Japanese students who are interested in international cultural exchange and volunteer work. Together they take part in cultural activities in local schools and local communities as paid workers or unpaid volunteers. Projects include: Studying International Understanding in the Classroom in local elementary, junior, and high schools; activities on campus sponsored by the International Center, and other part-time jobs related to international exchange.

The Sports and Activities Center includes a swimming pool, exercise facilities, track and field, basketball and volleyball courts, and a softball field. Students may also join the local YMCA for a modest fee. To get better acquainted with Japanese students, many students join university clubs such as sports, arts, the International Association and hobby clubs.