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Internships for Torino, Italy

Due to heightened concerns about student health and safety and the need to limit student exposure outside of classes and USAC-sponsored activities, we have decided to not offer in-person internships or service-learning activities during the Spring 2021 semester. Instead, Spring 2021 internships will be offered in a virtual format through USAC’s Global Perspectives Virtual Internship program, even for students attending in-person programs abroad. For more information on dates, costs, and placement options, please see our virtual internship program page.

We hope to resume in-person internships in Summer 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact the USAC internship team at

Internships in Torino are offered during the summer, semester, and yearlong terms. Those interested in doing a summer internship must attend both summer sessions. Summer internships are limited and only one credit. Internships are optional and included in your program fees. They range from 1-3 credits and are counted as part of your academic credit load, in addition to the minimum credit requirement. Interns earn credit, but no financial compensation. In addition to professional and academic experience, internships are a great way to immerse yourself in the culture, meet locals, and practice your language skills. You will be working in an authentic local environment, with exposure to the Italian language. Italian language ability is very helpful, but not necessary to complete an internship.

Internships in Torino include:


  • Razorfish - An international digital marketing company. Students will work in one of four major areas, including web design, web development, social media management, and project management. Students will work on real projects for big companies such as Ferrero, Lavazza, FIAT, and Iveco. Experience with Adobe Creative Suite programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Dreamweaver is recommended - 3 positions available.
  • Strategic Digital Marketing Consultancy - A marketing firm where students will create digital marketing campaigns for a road cycling clothing brand as well as other clothing, partnerships, sponsored teams and athletes that are associated with the brand/company - 2 positions available.
  • Eggers 2.0 - An interactive and creative communications firm. Students will work on creating advertising campaigns, give presentations, conduct marketing research, and contribute to the creative process of marketing. Students will work on real projects for big companies such as Ferrero, Lavazza, FIAT, and Iveco. Experience with Adobe Creative Suite programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Dreamweaver is recommended - 3 positions available.
  • Studio ATA - Students will work with professional architects/ designers with both studio and independent work. They will be part of real projects work on real projects for clients and competitions - 2 positions available.
  • Born in Berlin - A clothing workshop and store where students will create handmand clothing from the design to the final product, iron various pieces of fabric, learn how to sew buttons, sleeves, skirts and many other elements within various styles of clothing while developing a better understanding of the Italian fashion industry - 1 position available.
  • Giaguari Torino - An American football team. Students will work directly with the President of the football team so will experience different elements of the operations, such as coaching, finance, negotiation, mentoring, and business operations. Through this experience they will gain insight into the business of running a football camp - 2 positions available.
  • USAC Torino Office - Students will help with marketing and advertising of USAC Torino and other programs, creating videos, doing research, collecting data and other work to help promote USAC in general. Interns have also undertaken projects that help promote their home universities and suggest improvements for their home campus study abroad offices or academic department - 2 positions available.

Social Services

  • Red Cross - Students will learn the history and the fundamental principles of the Red Cross, the basics of International Humanitarian law, the functions of the Torino branch, and the basics of first aid. After passing a certification exam, students will begin working on local projects, such as helping homeless in the city. Depending on the work needed and the number of hours students can also do the 2nd level of training in order to be allowed to work on an ambulances - 1 position available.

English-Language Teaching

  • School of Management (SAA), University of Torino - Students will assist a SAA teacher with English lessons. They will help Italian students to embrace the English language in a more interactive way like group conversation. They can also be asked to do some presentations about American lifestyles, how to introduce themselves, business English vocabulary, etc. - 3 positions available.
  • M.L. King Elementary School - Students work with children 2 to 10 years old, assisting teachers and leading parts of lessons in English (for example Math, Geography, English grammar) or shared their hobbies/skills such as playing guitar or sports. Students also help with school lunchtime and shared cultural topics - 8 positions available.

*Placement with a particular internship provider is not guaranteed.


  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Junior standing (at time of internship)
  • Foreign language proficiency (some placements)

Beginning in Summer 2021, a non-refundable internship placement fee will be required of all students participating in an in-person USAC internship. This fee helps offset the costs of securing quality internship placements and helps provide a range of professional development activities, including an online internship seminar, career workshops, and panel discussions. The fee amount has not been finalized but will be announced in the near future.

Placement is not guaranteed by USAC; rather it will be determined by your application, supporting materials, and an interview with the internship sponsor on site.


In addition to internships, there are many volunteering opportunities available. Some opportunities are at the same companies as listed above but require less of a time commitment. There are also on-campus opportunities in the language lab tutoring English, as well as in the Study Abroad office for marketing and social media projects.

Quick Details

2020-21 App. Cycle

Spring: Open (Running with modifications)

2021-22 App. Cycle

Summer Session I (5 weeks): Open

Summer Session I (5 weeks): Open

Summer Session I&II (10 weeks): Open

Fall/Yearlong: Open

Spring: Open


Minimum GPA: 2.5

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US Credit

Program Capacity

65 students


English | Italian


AACUPI--Association of American Colleges and Universities in Italy

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