Torino, Italy
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Activities for Torino, Italy

Cultural Immersion Opportunities

  • Get to know the international students in your USAC classes and school each semester
  • Tutor or participate in a language exchange with Italian and international students
  • Intern/volunteer in the areas of communications, architecture, design, marketing, advertising, teaching, writing, translating
  • Interact with guest speakers at USAC-organized conference and events each semester and get professional advice
  • Participate in sports activities, such as beach volleyball, basketball, bowling with local and international students
  • Learn Italian and make friends quickly in your neighborhood shops and outdoor markets
  • Practice your language skills with Italian undergraduate and graduate students who are tutors for your language classes
  • Have a cappuccino, panino, fresh pasta, or gelato in the university cafe where you can meet new people and learn the ways of the culture

Business visits and course-related field trips are scheduled throughout the semester or session; recent destinations have included:

  • Lavazza Coffee Production Facility
  • Fiat / Abarth Car Factory And Showroom
  • Centrale Del Latte ( Milk / Cheese Production)
  • Campari Production Facility
  • Fontanafredda Winery
  • Alessandria Winery
  • Thalesalenia Spazio
  • Azimut Boat Production Facility
  • Milan Stock Exchange
  • EU Central Bank (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • EU Court Of Human Rights (Strasbourg, France)