Reading, England
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Living Accommodations for Reading, England

Residence Halls

There is plenty of space to do your homework and study in your room.

There is plenty of space to do your homework and study ...

The on-campus residence halls vary in age, size, and character, but all are within a ten-minute walk of the main academic, support, and social facilities on campus. Most of the rooms are fully furnished single bedrooms with shared bathrooms and pantries. All rooms contain a data point with unlimited access to the university network via your own computer.

The University of Reading prides itself on being a residential University where the majority of undergraduates as well as many postgraduates live in Halls of Residence. Each hall is a vibrant community with its own distinctive character, offering a secure environment in which to study and relax. The hall provides a range of domestic and social facilities including a Junior Common Room (JCR), a social area, television room, computer room, and laundry facilities. Some have music rooms, game rooms, and other sports facilities. There are active intermural hall activities.

Most residence halls have a central dining area serving three meals a day, Monday to Friday, and two meals a day on weekends. A flexible meal plan card works anywhere on campus. All halls are within easy access to shops, banks, and social facilities, and are located on bus routes to and from the town centre.